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We Donate a Portion of Every Order

Our company is committed to creating positive change in the world through giving back so we donate a portion of every order to initiatives that benefit neurodivergent families.

At Solobo, every purchase you make serves a greater purpose. We are deeply committed to supporting neurodivergent families and fostering inclusive communities.

To achieve this, we allocate a portion of every order to initiatives and organizations that benefit neurodivergent families.

We believe in the importance of community and making a positive impact on the world. 

Our commitment to giving back is a core part of our mission, and we are dedicated to supporting causes that align with our values of inclusion, child-led education, and stress-free child development through play.

AAC Board Donation

With the generous purchases of our customers, we were able to sponsor an AAC board in Virginia. The initiative was led by Ashley Causey, a board-certified pediatric Speech-Langauge Pathologist.

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Donation Recipients

Have an initiative or organization in mind?

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