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Female Founders Share Their “Why” Behind Starting Their Companies

Female Founders Share Their “Why” Behind Starting Their Companies

Female Founders Share Their “Why” Behind Starting Their Companies


Less struggles, more snuggles.

Founded by architect and mother Carrie Shaltz Haslup, Tabeeze (pronounced TAB-ease) is a Los Angeles-based company providing parents and their children with innovative, "fuss-free" clothing solutions that adhere to the most stringent sustainable production practices possible.

Why Female Founder, Carrie Shaltz Haslup started Tabeeze:
In 2016, Carrie Shaltz Haslup saw her brother and sister-in-law struggle to get their newborn daughter into itsy-bitsy baby clothes. “So, you just have to squeeze her sweet little head through that hole? And bend those tiny little arms into those sleeves?” Watching as her niece cried nearly every time they dressed her, Carrie (armed with a Master’s Degree in Architecture), knew there had to be a better way. Equipped with a pair of kitchen scissors and an old onesie, Carrie redesigned the traditional baby onesie to make it more functional, ergonomic, and comfortable for both parents and their babies. And for every Tabeeze purchased one is donated to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital NICU! 


Coaching & Support for Parents of Preemies by a NICU Mom
FLRRiSH supports, educates, and empowers preemie and NICU families on their journey through the NICU and years beyond— through coaching 1:1 & groups, audio stories, and therapy resource guides.

Female Founder, Jodi Klaristenfeld, shared her why for starting FLRRiSH:
My “why” is my daughter who was born 12 weeks early and I created what was missing from our parenthood journey. We help parents navigate the challenging yet beautiful journey of being a preemie parent.”

Aspen Growth Coaching

A Radically Human Approach to Care
Aspen Growth Coaching is a team of specialized coaches that help turn insight into sustainable action, supporting individuals and families to move towards a healthier life.

Female Founder, Alex Mufson, shared her why for starting Aspen Growth Coaching:
Our "why" is that we have all worked in residential treatment and seen BEAUTIFUL children institutionalized because proper care was not available for them in their communities.  We KNOW that the differences in how we all live, learn and flourish is what makes us beautiful and we are committed to disrupting the current treatment industrial complex that says we are "sick" if we can't conform.  We work well with families working through complex trauma, neurodivergence, substance use disorder and executive functioning challenges, and we believe the whole family must heal for the young person to thrive.”


The First Plant-Based, Clean-Verified Play Makeup for Kids
Our purpose is to raise the standards for kids' cosmetics by always providing full-label transparency with the cleanest, safest, and most effective formulations, one product at a time. We believe in healthy skin, joyful kids, healthy life.

Female Founder, Thai-Ling Maltez shares her why for starting Jovy:
My inspiration was my daughter who is a young artist. Eventually her fascination with color included makeup. I saw it as a way to nourish her creativity & self expression. However, nothing in the market was good enough for the sensitive skin she’s had since she was a baby. So I chose to develop something that was good enough for her, and for other kids to have fun with. Through Jovy, I aim to elevate the standards for kids’ cosmetics by ensuring full-label transparency and providing the cleanest, safest, and most effective formulations, one product at a time. Future product launches will extend into skincare with lotions and cleansers.”

Touchy Feely

Mental health isn’t just about the mind.
Touchy Feely helps highly sensitive people overcome the stress of modern life. If you're dealing with things like chronic illness, sensory overload, or mental health challenges, or, if you're neurodivergent, Touchy Feely is the place for you.

Female Founder, Kendra Koch shares her why for starting Touchy Feely:
”I started my business because pregnancy and parenthood amplified my chronic health symptoms and sensory sensitivities. Typical wellness solutions didn't work for me anymore, and I noticed this happening to other moms in my network too. I wanted to create a space where people could find great, sensory-friendly products and information and community to support their healing.”


It’s time to stop piecing things together and put a system in place
Dovetail® Designs four part planning system was created to provide the “just right fit” for your family.

Female Founder, Dr. Ashley Blackington shares her why for starting Dovetail®:
I started designing the calendar and planner that would eventually become cornerstones of the Dovetail® framework, to first solve my own problem at home. Our family calendar hanging in the kitchen was a disorganized mess of colored pens and sticky notes, and no structure to it. As an Occupational Therapist I knew that a framework, over another single calendar, was what we needed for my husband and I to be able to share tasks, to have a system for our kids to learn as they grew and for me to not be responsible for managing it all. I created a home and family management system (planner, calendar, recipe binder, weekly notepad, and grocery notebook) that is simple to set up, maintain and will adjust over time as the demands change within your family. We've recently launched a digital app to help bridge the paper/digital planning divide. Improving family communication and creating opportunities for collaboration has created the space to make the invisible load visible so that I'm not the only one managing it all.”

Piper + Enza

Storytelling is a powerful learning tool
Piper + Enza creates children’s stories focused on routine and unexpected health and medical experiences, and helps families fundamentally change the language and strategies they use to support kids through their health journeys.

Female Founder, Rita Ho-Bezzola shares her “why” for starting Piper + Enza:
I’m a mom of two and covid was an eye opener as to how little I know in terms of how to guide my young children through difficult experiences. From that came Piper+Enza - a place where parents are able to find stories, expert advice and strategies and feeling empowered to be the guide in their children’s growth journey.”



Empowering parents to give their family the best sleep and start possible
Batelle provides parents with responsive sleep training programs that are adapted to their families needs. They offer programs all the way from prenatal to 6 years old. Their proprietary technology is based on learnings from over 4.1 million chat messages and 48k real-time observations of families completing their program step-by-step. They also have a team of sleep experts who are there to coach parents as they work through their specific plans.

Female Founder, Gigi Brett, shared her why for starting Batelle:
“Sleep is one of the cornerstones of a child’s education, as well as the health and functioning of the whole family. However, traditional sleep training methods are outdated and often harsh, leaving families to cry-it-out or just “cope” with the issue. We believe that parents and children deserve to to get the sleep they need to function, and to get there in a way that aligns with their parenting. When using a responsive and personalized approach, not only can parents get their child to bed in 10 minutes and sleeping through the night, but they can also use this as an opportunity to promote a secure attachment between them and their child, which is ultimately one of the best gifts you can give a child”.


Play, Wear, Return
Jackalo is not another clothing brand. They are on a mission to do better, make better clothes, and change the way people buy and use children’s clothes for a better planet and a better world. When kids outgrow their Jackalo clothes, Jackalo buys them back (regardless of condition) to be renewed and resold, or responsibly recycled.

Female Founder, Marianna Sachse, shared her “why” for starting Jackalo:
I started Jackalo because I was tired of kids clothes not lasting long enough to be outgrown and the mountain of waste that creates. I wanted to return to good old-fashioned quality, but with a system for modern parents to keep clothes in use for longer, even if they don't have a second kid or neighbor to pass them on to. That's why at Jackalo we make long-lasting, comfortable and sustainable clothes, and then we buy them back when outgrown to be renewed and resold or responsibly recycled. Together we can keep kids' clothes out of the landfill!”